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Two-to-Four Hour Service

Funny thing is that the copier is often just over there in the corner not being used in most businesses. Copiers and office machines seem to let you down at the worst moments in your production cycle. That’s when our Two-to-Four Hour Service and Supply Program can save your day. So when you or one of your fellow employees walks up to it (or runs up to it), it had better be ready to get up to speed and do everything you need pronto. The sad thing is that, in many businesses, just when they need it the most, that’s when their copier lets you down. Then to add insult to injury, when you call the contract service provider, well, that’s when things really slow down.

The Solution

American Lazer’s Two-to-Four Hour Service Program. We will be there within two to four hours and your copier will soon be up and running. Our field technicians have thousands of hours of experience. If we can’t fix it, it can’t be fixed. Those cases where it can’t be fixed are rare indeed.

Manage Your Equipment on the Web!

With e-info web portal, customers can order suppliers and check order status, initiate service request, monitor account information, view account summary, and input meter readings.


  • View Pending Calls
  • View Scheduled Calls
  • View Dispatched Calls
  • Request Service Calls
  • Search Service Call Lists for a Previously Requested Call


  • View Invoice History
  • View Account Status
  • View Credit Status
  • View Credit Limit
  • View Aging Report


  • Submit New Orders
  • View New Orders
  • View Picked Orders
  • View Shipped Orders
  • View Items on Back Order
  • View Cancelled Orders


  • Record Meters
  • View Due Meters
  • View Meter History

Looking for Reliable Service for Your Copier Repairs?

(866) 922-9003


Never Buy Toner Again!

Couple our Two-to-Four Hour Service Program with our unique Service and Supply Program and you have a total solution. Tired of expensive toner purchases? Well, with our program, YOU WILL NEVER BUY TONER AGAIN. We deliver most of our supplies in-person so we routinely check toner levels to ensure you have enough toner on hand. Your day is busy enough. Let us think about your business equipment and supplies so you don’t have to.

Looking for Reliable Service for Your Copier Repairs?

(866) 922-9003

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