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RealEstateThe real estate industry is all about people and “being there.” Great brokers know that few sales are made in the office. They are always out there meeting people, viewing property, watching the market and, yes, keeping all the paperwork up to date. In a super-competitive market, like the one we have today, the last thing any broker needs is a copier that’s too busy, or that won’t work, or that jams every time you ask it to do anything more than one single-sided, black-and-white copy. American Lazer can put more copiers in your office for far less money. These will be great, state-of-the-art copiers with multifunctional features, high rates of speed, and complex, dependable capabilities. Plus, we back it all up with our Two-to-Four-Hour Service and Supply Program.

Our technicians average over 20 years of experience and thousands of machines repaired and refurbished. There is nothing they cannot handle. Like the great real estate brokers we serve, we are out there serving clients and helping them to get exactly what they want and need.

We are always having an “Open House” as well. Stop in and see what you’ve been missing when it comes to office machines: far better prices, much more for your money, and a group of professionals who are highly trained and experienced.

We have a machine just waiting for you to put a “SOLD” sign on it.

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