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open-book-on-top-of-pile-of-booksImagine: a thousand students, 40 teachers, 10 administrators all in one building and there are only two copy machines. To make matters worse, because there are so many different people operating the copiers, they break down, jam up, or perform erratically all the time. Think of what that must do to the work flow, the smooth delivery of the educational tools teachers and students need, and the communications that should be making the whole school work effectively and efficiently.

Educational districts and institutions have unique challenges in document generation and management. First, because so many people are involved, but also because of the constant and almost overwhelming nature of the volume of copies and documents being generated. Then there’s the ever-diminishing budget issue. This complex situation can be frustrating and debilitating for everyone. A teacher prepares his or her work for copying, then walks the distance to the machine only to find out that (1) it’s busy with three other teachers all waiting with their work, or (2) it’s “broken.”

American Lazer offers the unique answer of refurbished (we think of it as remanufactured) copiers, printers and high-volume fax machines at half the cost of new machines with our Two-to-Four-Hour Service and Supply program. That means you can buy more machines, still save money over last year’s budget, and have a team of service-dedicated technicians who will always be right there when you need them.

For colleges, school districts, and educational institutions, American Lazer is the perfect solution. Coming to us is an easy “A” for you. We do all the work and you get the good grades.

Let us prove it to you. Call us today for a free estimate before you buy somewhere else.

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