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Accounting Firms

AccountingIf there is a service business that uses more paper and copies than the accounting industry, we don’t know what it is. All those forms, ledgers, worksheets, letters, and “file copies” have to come from dependable, well-maintained machines. Accounting businesses go along like normal businesses for nine months out of the year working fairly regular hour and five-day weeks. Then they go crazy, working around the clock, seven days a week during the other three months.

It’s during those crazy months when accountants and their skills are tested to the max and the last thing they need is a broken down, or low functioning copier or printer or fax machine. That’s where American Lazer’s Two-to-Four Hour Service and Supply Program pays off. Our regular care for all of your office machines means that your machines will perform when you need them to perform. If something goes wrong, we will know exactly what it is. If it can’t be fixed we will have another “loaner” machine ready to go for you so there won’t be any down time, training time or screaming-and-pounding-on-the-copy-machine time.

With American Lazer, accountants know everything balances out perfectly. Just the way they like it.

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