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IT Services


American Lazer Services, Inc acquired CommSat, an IT service company, thus creating a local leader in office solutions.

MFPs, Printers, Copiers

We will continue to provide the highestquality MFPs, service, repair, and Managed Print Solutions.

Secure Backup Technologies

We specialize in providing fully- encrypted automated backup solutions that serve as your best defense against data loss.

Network Security Services

We offer server and f i rewall maintenance, VPN and secure remote access, commercial caliber antivirus protection, virus removal and remediation, access control, and data security and recovery services.

Our complete office tech solutions include the highest-quality MFPs printers/copiers, Network Security, Managed Print Services, and IT Managed Solutions to businesses in Eastern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire

Managed IT services

  • IT service at one budget-friendly monthly price
  • Remote repairs with little to no disruption to workflow

On-demand IT service, remote or on-site

  • Service when you need it, where you need it
  • Servers, workstations, warranty, and non-warranty repairs

Cloud services

  • Email – fast and easy, get your email anywhere
  • Shared calendars
  • Backup and cloud storage – data backup at its best

Security services

  • Encryption for email, backups, and whole-disk
  • Firewalls and anti-spam
  • Surveillance camera system

Specialty services

  • Remote desktop for off-site workers Forensic recoveries
  • Discovery
  • Insurance agency management product support
  • IT expert witness services

Security Camera Systems

  • Monitor your workplace and secure your premises or home with a security camera system thatprovides real time remote monitoring.
  • CommSat’s systems are configured with robustsecurity, are vandal-resistant, include night vision, and are hardened against loT vulnerabilities.

VoIP Telephone Systems

  • Cutting the cord and switching to a VoIP telephone system isn’t just for big business.
  • Benefit from lower equipment and service costs.
  • CommSat specializes in helping small and mid-size businesses migrate to the right price and right service.
  • Introduce productivity-enhancing features to your business such as voicemail to email or remote telephone for branch offices and WFH (work-from- home) employees.


American Lazer offers BlackFog security!

Ransomware is now the biggest cybersecurity concern for organizations and the most profitable type of attack for criminal gangs, so it’s unsurprising that it continues to evolve, with hackers utilizing a myriad of new techniques to target devices, industries, and individuals.


  • Prevent cyberattacks across all endpoints and monitor data exfiltration from any network to ensure compliance with global privacy and data protection regulations



  • Protect your intellectual property and the risks associated with ransomware, industrial espionage and prevent malicious activity from inside your organization.



  • Visibility into the unauthorized collection and transmission of user data across every device, within and beyond the corporate network.



  • Assess the impact of latent threats by monitoring the exfiltration of data from any network.

When it comes to preventing cyberattacks many organizations are still focused on protecting the perimeter to keep the bad actors out. The bad news is that no matter how protected you think your network is, the reality is that attackers are finding their way in.
Preventing modern attacks requires a new way of thinking and a new approach including a data exfiltration strategy. By making the assumption that the bad actors are going to get in regardless of perimeter defense tactics, we can focus less on how they get in and more on what data they may be trying to steal.
If you’re concerned about ransomware, contact American Lazer to learn how we can protect your company.

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