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ReadySlider3Recently, a new client told us she was going to spend over $15,000 on a brand new copier machine, but the company really needed two. She was looking at buying a new machine and immediately overloading it with work. It would have to be located centrally so it was not close to either of the two groups that would be using it.

The customer came to us. We found two machines for a total of less than the $15,000 they were planning on spending on one, and these two machines were actually bigger and better than the one they were all set to buy.

We set up our Two-to-Four Hour Service and Supply program and the client never had to buy toner again. Two years later … they now have four machines and a growing business with much happier employees.

FrustrationSm-300x217Are you ready to see what we can do? If you are buying copiers, printers, or fax machines, why not talk to us? What have you got to lose? We can save you thousands of dollars and years of frustration. Fifteen hundred customers all over New England can’t be wrong.

Call us today for a free audit of your copier, printer and fax machine situation. Let us prove to you what we can do.

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